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DDownload Premium Package

1 Month

  • 200GB Daily Traffic
  • No termination required
  • Volume: 6TB/month

12 Months

  • 58% discount instead of 120,00€
  • 200GB Daily Traffic
  • No termination required
  • Volume: 72TB/year

6 Months

  • 200GB DailyTraffic
  • No termination required
  • Volume: 6TB/month

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Depending on the payment method or terms of your bank, additional transaction fees may apply!
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Data packages

100 GB

8,00 €

500 GB

40,00 €

1000 GB

80,00 €

Data packages can only be booked using Visa/Mastercard and CoinPayments.
This feature is intended for premium users who require additional daily download quota.

DDownload Premium Payment Methods and Fees

Zahlungsart1 Month6 Month1 Year
Bank TransferUnlimeted Network AG15,00€ 40,00€50,00€
PayPalddofl.space15,00€ + ~8,00€ Gebühr40,00€ + ~16,00€ Gebühr50,00€ + ~24,00€ Gebühr
CashToCode eVoucher #1G2A (Empfehlung)15,00€ + ~3,00€ Gebühr40,00€ + ~3,00€ Gebühr~53,99€
CashToCode eVoucher #2DUNDLE15,00€ + ~3,00€ Gebühr40,00€ + ~3,00€ Gebühr~53,99€
Visa/MastercardKEYosk (Stripe)15,00€ + 8,03€ Gebühr40,00€ + 21,54€ Gebühr50,00€ + 26,92€ Gebühr
BitcoinDDownload15,00€ + Transaction Fee40,00€ + Transaction Fee50,00€ + Transaction Fee
LitecoinDDownload15,00€ + Transaction Fee40,00€ + Transaction Fee50,00€ + Transaction Fee
Theter TRC-20DDownload15,00€ + Transaction Fee40,00€ + Transaction Fee50,00€ + Transaction Fee
CashToCodeFunanga Ltd14,99€39,99€49,99€
AliPay/WeChat Pay

DDownload Premium Benefits Overview

Upgrade to DDownload Premium
Gain access to unlimited downloads and fast speed.

Faster Downloads
DDownload is compatible with most download managers, allowing you to download significantly faster than free members.

Instant Start of Downloads
Activate the direct download feature in your account, and your downloads will start immediately.

Daily Data Volume of 200 GB
You can utilize 200 GB of data daily without any restrictions, equivalent to approximately 6000 GB per month.

Resume Interrupted Downloads
Tired of incomplete files? Premium members can resume interrupted downloads with any compatible download manager.

How do I cancel my DDownload Premium account?

Cancellation is NOT necessary! There are no automatic renewals of your subscription. You must actively renew your premium membership yourself.

DDownload Premium

DDownload Terms of Use Summary:

1. Code of Conduct:
– Excessive bandwidth usage or system abuse may result in the deactivation of user accounts.
– Prohibition of pornography, nudity, explicit or offensive images or videos.
– Prohibition of copyrighted material.
– Ddownload may delete content at its own discretion.

2. Compliance with Laws:
– Users must comply with all applicable laws, including copyright and trademark rights.
– Violations of copyright or trademark rights are not allowed.
– Ddownload is not obligated to participate in disputes between users.

3. Liability:
– Ddownload is not liable for user images, videos, or files, or for business losses due to unavailability or loss of the website.
– No guarantee of future reliability of content provision, hosting, or storage.

4. Cooperation with Law Enforcement:
– Ddownload commits to cooperate with all law enforcement authorities in case of investigations.

5. General Provisions:
– The provision of services is based on Ddownload’s terms and conditions.
– Ddownload may change the terms and conditions with effect for the future.
– Ddownload retains all rights to the service, except for user-uploaded content.
– The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of Ddownload.

6. General Services:
– Ddownload provides users with access to the service.
– The service should generally be available 24/7 but may be subject to exceptions.
– Ddownload is not obliged to provide compensation for interruptions.

7. Uploading/Posting of Files/Content/Information:
– Uploaded files/content are not assumed by Ddownload.
– Ddownload is not responsible for external links on Ddownload.
– Violation of terms and applicable laws may result in content being blocked or deleted.

8. Security of Stored Files/Content/Information:
– Ddownload is not obligated to provide directories of stored files.
– Ddownload does not open or review user content unless there are indications of legal violations.

Please note that this is only a summary and does not cover all details of Ddownload’s terms and conditions. It is recommended to read the full terms and conditions to understand all terms and provisions.