What is DDownload and how does the provider work?

DDownload is an online file storage service that allows users to upload, store and share files. It works by allowing users to upload files to their servers and then receive a link to those files, which they can share with other people via a link.

What are the advantages of DDownload over other online file storage services?

There is 100TB of storage for premium users, high upload speeds, password protection for files and a simple user interface. 200GB of data can be downloaded daily at full speed. However, the file size is limited to 2GB and data is automatically deleted after 60 days without download.

How do I create an account and is free access possible?

To create an account with DDownload, visit the registration page and click on “Register “*. Then enter your e-mail address and a password and follow the instructions to activate your account. Registration is free of charge. As a free user, you receive 5TB of free storage space with a storage period of 30 days without downloading. The upload speed is not limited, but there is no free download volume.

How can I upload my files?

To upload files, click on “Upload file” on the main page or in the user dashboard. Then select the file you want to upload and click on “Upload”. You can also upload several files at the same time. Read more

Which file formats does DDownload support?

All formats are supported, including images, videos, music files, documents and archives. For certain file types, such as images, downloads are not counted and remunerated. Please note copyright.

Payment & Premium

Which payment methods does Ddownload accept?

Payment is possible by bank transfer, PayPal (eVoucher), Visa/Mastercard, CashToCode/PaySafe and cryptocurrency.

How does a bank transfer work and how long does it take?

After placing the order, the amount must be transferred to the displayed bank account using the reference number. Depending on the bank, a real-time transfer is possible. All payments are automatically recorded and booked.
Your premium account will be available within 48 hours.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Payment with PayPal is possible via an eVoucher (CashToCode).

  • Buy eVouchers (10$, 25$, 50$) at or
  • Select Premium package and enter eVoucher. Vouchers can be combined or only partially used.
  • Premium access is activated immediately

In addition to PayPal, there are many other payment methods such as Apple Pay/Google Pay. Additional fees may be charged by the payment provider.

Why are the fees so high for credit card payments?

Due to high transaction fees charged by the payment provider. We recommend buying an eVoucher from and paying by credit card there.

Can I also download free of charge from DDownload?

Yes, DDownload also offers free downloads. The speed is limited to 50-70 kb/s.
The owner of the data must have authorised it for the free download.

How can I cancel my Premium account?

Cancellation is not necessary. The subscription model involves advance payments. Access automatically converts to a free account after the Premium period has expired. There are no automatic renewals.

Please renew in good time, otherwise data may be lost!


Are my files safe with DDownload?

Secure SSL encryption is used to protect the connection between the user and the website. It also offers various security features such as password protection for files to ensure that only authorised people can access the uploaded files.

What happens if my files are hacked?

If your files have been hacked, you should immediately change the password for your account and check your uploaded files to ensure that no unauthorised access has taken place.

Who has access to my uploaded files?

Only you and the people with whom you share the link to your uploaded files have access to them. DDownload itself does not have access to your files.

How can I delete my uploaded files?

To delete a file, simply go to your user dashboard, select the file you want to delete and click on “Delete”.


How can I contact DDownload support?

You can contact Ddownload support via email or the contact form on the website.

How long does it usually take before I receive a reply from support?

The response time from DDownload support can vary depending on the number of requests received and the severity of the problem. However, you should normally receive a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the service?

There are no refunds for services unless there is a technical problem that cannot be resolved by DDownload.


How can I manage my uploaded files?

There are various options, such as creating folders to sort your uploaded files. You can also add tags to make it easier to find your files. Access via the web browser or FTP.

Can I edit my uploaded files?

No, DDownload does not offer integrated editing functions for uploaded files. However, you can edit the file on your computer and then upload it again.

How long will my uploaded files be saved?

Free: 30 days without download | 5TB total storage
Premium: 60 days without download | 100TB total storage


Why is there sometimes a loss of speed when downloading files, especially for Telekom customers?

There can be various reasons for loss of speed when downloading files, such as server overload or network problems. Telekom customers in particular may be affected by network problems caused by the use of routing servers in other countries.


How can I delete my uploaded files?
You can delete your uploaded files by logging into your account and selecting the file you wish to delete. Then click on the “Delete” option to permanently remove the file.

How can I increase the maximum number of downloads on Ddownload?
If you want to increase the maximum number of downloads on Ddownload, you can purchase a Premium account. Premium accounts usually offer higher download limits and faster download speeds.

How can I file a complaint with Ddownload?
If you want to file a complaint with Ddownload, you can contact support or use the contact form on the website. Provide as much detail as possible to describe the problem or complaint accurately.

Can I synchronise my files on Ddownload automatically?
No, Ddownload does not currently offer an automatic synchronisation function. You will need to manually upload your files to the platform and then download them when required.

Can I pause my downloads and resume them later?
Yes, you can pause your downloads and resume them later by using the download options in your browser. If you have a Premium account, you can also use a download manager to pause and resume downloads later.

Can I organise my files into folders on Ddownload?
Yes, you can organise your uploaded files on Ddownload into folders to make them easier to manage and find. You can find the option to create folders in your account menu.

Can I also use Ddownload on my smartphone or tablet?
Yes, you can also use Ddownload on your smartphone or tablet by visiting the mobile version of the website or downloading the Ddownload app. The app is available for both Android and iOS.